Current Topics

The following Subgroups are currently active:

  • Safer Road Crossing: Norman Jones, Debbie Hougie, Lynn Myland
  • School Award Competition: Debbie Hougie, Diana Collingridge, Roger Thomas
  • Safer Routes to School: Debbie Hougie, Diana Collingridge

Current topics:

Heartwood Forest Project (WT)

LAF is one of the current active consultee on the project. LAF Memebrs are involved in the Environment Impact Assessment for the site. (May 2009)

LAF have contributed to the Response for Heartwood Environmental Impact Statement (Sept 2009). You can check the statement by clicking here.

Access in future developments

The LAF are activively involved in the initial stages of major developments to ensure Access is considered as part of the plan.
LAF is keen to be consulted and involved from the early stages of these developments to ensure a high priority for Access and Green Spaces is achieved. (May 2009)

Reintroduction of Grazing on Common Land

LAF will be formally consulted on navigated heavy loader grazing on Common land. [more documentaries to follow] (May 2009)

RoWIP (Rights of Way Improvement Plan)

LAF Members actively advised the RoW Unit following their initial consultation with the Public and Stakeholders on the RoWIP.
LAF then suggested to the RoW their priorities for improvements across the County.

LAF regularly recieves updates on the plan and implementation and are asked for their comments. (May 2009)

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